Interfresh is pleased to feature our Family of Fresh Berries. With year ‘round supplies of fresh and flavorful strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, Interfresh is ready to be your Fresh Berry Partner, season to season.

Our blueberries are grown in many locations throughout North America from April through October, and in Chile, Argentina and Mexico during the winter months. Interfresh is ready to fill your blueberry needs with sweet, fresh, flavorful Bluberries.

Strawberries are available in a variety of sizes, both organic and conventional, to fill your fresh strawberry needs, ranging from 8-ounce to 4-pound containers. We also offer premium long-stem strawberries.

Also available year ‘round, blackberries are plump, flavorful and delicious. Featuring a variety, these tasty blackberries are sure to please.

Rounding out our fresh berry lineup, fresh raspberries are a consumer favorite. Available in-season from California, Mexico and Chile in a variety of pack styles, Interfresh is your source for sweet and tasty Raspberries.


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