Whether you are a wholesale, retail or foodservice customer, Interfresh is your comprehensive solution provider, offering flexible and creative programs to help you increase sales while meeting your customers' needs. Handling a broad-range of products, our team continually monitors crop sizes, conditions and availability to offer our customers a thorough understanding of the market. Our unique position within the supply chain allows us the ability to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate inventory and pricing information from a variety of distribution points. Whether you are purchasing an F.O.B load from California or need your product delivered, Interfresh has the solution.

Call us today, and discover the Interfresh entire industry of information with a single point of contact. That's what we call "A World of Fresh Ideas!"


Distributing from the sun-drenched groves of California, Chile, Mexico and New Zealand, we provide our customers with a consistent supply of fresh avocados 12 months of the year. We are in constant communication with growers, and are able to give you timely, accurate information on pricing, availability, and varieties.


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Interfresh is proud to offer a variety of delicious, high quality citrus from around the world. From California's abundant supplies of Navel Oranges to the sweet and juicy oranges and grapefruit of Texas to Florida's famous Honey Tangerines, we've got your citrus needs covered. Interfresh ships fresh citrus year 'round, F.O.B. from our growers' packinghouse or from our conveniently located distribution center in Los Angeles, CA.

Navel Oranges
Valencia Oranges Lemons Limes

Florida Honey Tangerines Specialty Citrus

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Interfresh ships fresh cantaloupes, honeydews, mixed melons, and watermelon from across the United States during the summer season and internationally during the winter and spring months. By utilizing our variety of sources, we are able to offer our customers the highest quality product throughout the year.

Honeydew Watermelon Mixed Melons

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Utilizing our extensive network of growers in California, Florida and Mexico, Interfresh provides a dedicated year-round supply of the highest quality tomatoes. Shipping numerous quality brands, including our own premium Interfresh label, we have the flexibility to offer comprehensive programs to ensure successful long-term partnerships with all of our customers. Each shipment is customized to order, and provides our clients with the superior quality that they expect, along with the outstanding service that our reputation demands. Packed in a modern, 3rd party-certified facility, we are vertically integrated, and offer tailored serivces, including custom ripening and just-in-time delivery.

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Offering an extensive line of fresh vegetables, Interfresh delivers the quality products available. Our service-oriented vegetable sales division offers comprehensive solutions and flexible programs to meet all your needs.

Peppers Cucumbers Cabbage

Chilies Spinach Cilantro

Green Onion
Artichokes Celery Broccoli

Squash Peas Yams Sweet Potatoes

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AvoFresh! Hass Avocado
AvoFresh! offers a terrific solution for food service customers... convenience, quality and pricing that adds to your bottom line. Each case of AvoFresh! yields approximately 28% more usable fruit than a standard lug of avocados. Factoring in labor and shrink, you get significant savings. With year-round availability, AvoFresh! is always competitively priced, even during peak season.

AvoFresh! is produced using 100% fresh Hass avocados... nothing else! Ripened and hand-scooped into our special packaging, the avocados undergo a unique Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) process. This process sanitizes the product and deactivates the enzymes that cause oxidation. You get 100% usable fresh Hass avocados, a 30-day shelf life, reduced labor costs, no shrink and increased profits.

Give us a call today. Learn how AvoFresh! can work for you.

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